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The Köhler family with TEAM

Monika und Alfons Köhler
Kronen-TEAM Mitarbeiter

In 1996 we took over the former Landgasthof Krone from Franz and Erika Köhler and have been continuing this family tradition in the third generation ever since.

Our family is Monika and Alfons Köhler with our children: Michael, Alexandra, Christian and Barbara, all of whom are now standing on their own two feet.For us, family also means all our employees, who have always accompanied us over the past almost 25 years and on whom our company is based.

Together we have made our business Köhlers Krone what you see it today: with our restaurant, the attached 7 rooms and 10 apartments, the biosphere shop and our bakehouse.

We are located in Dächingen, a village of 500 inhabitants in the Ehinger Alb. We sit in the middle of a beautiful hiking landscape, which is surrounded by meadows, forests, caves and streams.

Together with our staff, we look forward to welcoming you to our house.

Yours, Monika and Alfons Köhler

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